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Teenagers Need to have Math To be able to Land Dream Work opportunities

What do doctors, lawyers and even designers have in common? For one, they are among teens’ most popular career choices. They also require a significant understanding of math at work every day. Despite this, many teens are certainly not determined to take advanced math lessons to help them get ready for success in these upcoming jobs.

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A telephone survey of 1,000 12- to 17-year-olds commissioned by Texas Instruments revealed that four out of five teens believe math is very important for achieving their goals of being doctors, scientists, executives and lawyers, but only half are intending to take advanced math courses beyond their schools’ minimal requirements.

The study revealed 80% of teens want to pursue careers in medicine, sports, science, education, business, military, law or architecture-many of which need advanced college degrees along with significant focus on mathematics and science.

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&Ldquo;Parents need to understand how important it is that they encourage their children to take higher-level courses of math while in high school,” says David Mammano, founder and publisher of Next Step Magazine, which provides career advice to more than 860,000 teens. &Ldquo;The disconnect between teens’ career aspirations and their plans to take minimal math classes could lead to students not being prepared for college-level classes or landing the job they want in the future.&Rdquo;

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&Ldquo;No matter what career teens choose, a strong math education is critical because it builds analytical and reasoning skills. Students need to take challenging math courses every year in high school,” Mammano said.

He recommends parents to work with their teenagers starting in middle school to plan out their course schedules. Parents can seek out resources to help teenagers understand the value of math and plan for their careers, such as MomsForMath.Org, NextStepMagazine.Com or Career Voyages.Gov.

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More tips from Mammano include:

Make Math Enjoyable. Tie math into the things that already curiosity teens-their hobbies, TV or movies. A great place to start is Texas Instruments’ “We All Use Math Every Day™” program that teaches math lessons based on plots featured in the hit CBS TV show “NUMB3RS.&Rdquo; The free classroom activities are available at www. Cbs.Com/numb3rs.

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Provide Encouragement. Challenge teenagers to take more difficult upper-level math courses even though they might not make straight A’s. Mother and father can make a difference simply by applauding teenagers for the effort it takes to participate in those classes. Reinforcing everyday use of math at home, while shopping, budgeting, baking or gardening can also help increase students’ interest in math.

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Get Involved. Get teenagers involved with school or even community programs such as science fairs or math team competitions that stimulate them intellectually and hone their analytical skills.

Identify Career Role Models. Discover local professionals and inquire about mentorship chances that match teens’ career interests. Teenagers can “shadow” an executive on the job to see what kind of knowledge is needed for that field.

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Set The Example. They might not want you to know it, but teens look to their parents as role models. Let your teens see that you are interested in math and show them how you use it each day-at home and in your job. Acknowledge that your teen’s proficiency in math may exceed yours and that is a good thing. Also be aware that they are learning more math in different ways and this often involves the use of technology or teaching tools that might be unfamiliar to you. Talk with your teen’s teachers to raised understand these new advancements in math teaching. They’d likely welcome the interest.

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What The Teenagers Should look into Selecting Their Career

A good way to understand the teenagers is their selection of career. In pursuing the appropriate career, the teens would like the right data, advice together with guidance. This is important because choosing a completely wrong career would certainly result to a waste of so much time, effort, money plus would most likely surely frustrate the teens. Disappointed teens will lose the desire for a profitable endeavor and this will certainly affect their mindset towards work.

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The talents of the teenagers should be considered very first in selecting the most appropriate work. This includes their intellectual levels, educational qualifications and abilities. Knowing the abilities of teens is essential especially in entry level positions where there are a lot of jobs seekers eager for the same position.

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Teens desire advises to equip them with the right training. Moms and dads need to understand their teens in this aspect by figuring out their capabilities, pros and cons. This is an extra factor in determining the ability of the teenagers to carry out multi-tasking. Various companies are conducting trainings, seminars and workshops in different categories. These trainings are either long or short periods. What the teenagers would carry out is lookup their local magazines for announcements or contact concerned private or government departments.

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The teens must also determine the type of task they want and the organization they will be applying. They must have thorough information on the kinds of benefits that the company offers; whether the work will be a short or long term chance and the career advancements they have for their workers. Both lifetime and short stints are exhausting, why contend on careers, which may have little benefits if youngsters can grab a better job?

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The teens, if ever they will be hired, will experience trouble adjusting to their careers. Challenges in meeting deadlines and in accomplishing duties will cause so much pressure and if not properly answered, may cause nervousness and fears to meet the daily challenges in the actual work environment.

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Several counseling centers are available to assist the youngsters. These centers are manned by experts in their respective career fields, such as psychologists and health experts to management personnel like human resource supervisors who cause much fear among job applicants. Nonetheless looking for the help of counselors in choosing the right profession has little benefits only. They are just designed to help the teenagers assess themselves, understand their needs and implement the right action. Choosing the right career is one, the full utilization of the career is another. Here, the teens’ right attitudes, outlook in life, their dreams and aspirations could not be all learned from career counseling. The best counseling that the teens could get are acquired from their own families.

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The family is considered the most important factor to the teens’ choice of careers. The parents need to broaden their understanding on what the teens want so that the right support could be offered. The mindset of the teenagers towards their job is affected by what they hear from their parents. If a parent always complains about his work, most likely, the teens would reject the same career. If their parents have enjoyed their jobs, contented and happy, then there is a great possibility that their teens will follow a similar career path.

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10 guidelines about where to search and exactly how to respond on job interviews

Even in the best of times, teenagers face plenty of hurdles when they look forsummer work opportunities. Would-be recruiters often worry that they’ll be undependable, late and generally flaky - and teenagers must convince prospective employers that they’re actually reliable and accountable.

This summer could be even more difficult for teens, though, because competition for jobs is expected to be so fierce. In many cases, young adults will be going head to head against adults who have ages of work experience behind them. And they’ll be doing so in a job market that has fewer jobs available in the market.

A latest review by SnagAJob.Com, an employment Web-site that connects people with hourly jobs, found that just about half of hourly hiring supervisors won’t be enrolling summertime employees this season. Even more ominous, 73 percentage of hiring managers anticipate receiving more applications this summer than they did previous summer from job seekers of all age ranges.

Does this mean that teens should abandon all expectation of finding gainful employment this summer? Not at all! The following tips can support.

1. Start hunting right now. Shawn Boyer, ceo of SnagAJob.Com, said recruiters are already considering about their coming summer staffing problems, though we’re only in the month of April. One of the ways to out raced at least some of the competition is to begin your job search early rather than waiting for the school year to end. &Quot;Consider telling them, ‘I can work 10 hours a week now, and then I can ramp up my hours after school gets out,’ " Boyer said.

2. Get the word out about yourjob search. Begin actively informing people that you’re hunting for a job. Think about all the adults in your life: your lecturers, guidance advisors and trainers, your family medical doctor and veterinarian, your parents’ good friends, your friends’ parents, and so on. This technique could turn you on to job prospects.

3. Plan for a repeat performance. The review of more than 1,000 hiring executives revealed that 65 per-cent of their summer work forces will consist of coming back again staffs. If you had a job lastsummerand you didn’t absolutely dislike it, take into consideration reapplying again this year. Your past employer will be interested in you because you’re already trained.

4. Be pro. Make convinced that everything you involve in your job application is spelled properly and is free of grammatical errors. Don’t use all lowercase or all uppercase words, Boyer advised. Be sure the e-mail address you put down isn’t silly or distracting. The same holds true for the voice-mail prompt on your cellphone or home phone.

5. Do mock interviews in advance. A job interview can be a lot more difficult than you might believe. To work out the jitters ahead of time, do a few practice job interviews with somebody other than a friend or mum or dad, Boyer recommended. &Quot;Practice with a guidance counselor, a teacher or a friend’s parent that you’re not that comfortable with so it will be more realistic," Boyer said.

6. Display some strength. Employers who bring teenagers on board say they appreciate their passion and restlessness to do whatever it takes to get a job done. Present those traits on your job interview - and on the task, as well.

7. Get suitably gussied. Dress nicely for your job interview, as if you were about to attend a religious provider. Do this even if the clothing code for employees is informal. Absolutely remember to send a handwritten thank-you note after your interview - a step many adults routinely forget to take.

8. Play up your good points. Many teens show a trend to be hard on themselves and reduce their accomplishments. Keep in mind that a job interview is not the place to beat yourself up. Rather, point out flattering specifics about yourself, such as being an honor-roll university student, juggling extracurricular activities and volunteering in the society. &Quot;List out in particular the leadership positions that you’ve held," Boyer said. &Quot;That helps to dispel the idea that teens aren’t responsible.&Quot;

9. Know where to start looking. As unsatisfactory asthe job marketis at this moment, Boyer said these places are still wide open to hiring teens: fast-food restaurants; movie theaters; merchandising companies that stock shelves for retailers - American Greetings is looking for this sort of help, he noted - and health care facilities. &Quot;There are a wide range of positions in the health care sector that don’t require you to have a certain level of credentials," Boyer said. &Quot;There’s valet-parking people’s cars, working in a hospital gift shop, working in a cafeteria, being a receptionist.&Quot;

10. Think of working at a bank. If you’re at least 18, you also may be able to land a job as a bank teller. Banks often need help over the summer season months when many of their workers go on vacation, Boyer said - and he added that a bank job can look good on your cv.

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Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds aren’t too hard to seek out, however, they are quite demanding compared to others. Some certain skills are necessary, because looking after a toddler isn’t at all an easy task. Let's go ahead and get your questions on babysitting jobs answered, shall we?
We'll get started with the most basic questions: who, what and how.
To begin with, who ought to look into taking up this job? Thirteen year olds who have an interest in kids, who love being around them and are able to take care of them in a tense situation are perfect candidates to be babysitters.
Next, what requirements are there for babysitting jobs for 13 year olds? You should have the necessary skills required to care for kids and can handle a situation where kids are involved. Your duties might include changing diapers, feeding meals, supervising play, bathing kids and putting them to bed.

There are
people who are naturally trained for babysitting, considering they have younger siblings for whom they need to care from a young age. What if you hardly have any experience? You could volunteer to help at a group activity such as an after-school tutoring program, a kids' day camp, or vacation Bible school at your church.
Another excellent way for thirteen year olds to learn babysitting skills is through classes. The American Red Cross offers a Babysitter's Training Course, as do local community education groups.
Lastly, how to get these jobs? Spread the words in your neighborhood or school or via your parents that you are available. You may also make flyers of the same and stick it in the neighborhood, or your school bulletin board. Alongside giving an ad, you could have a template prepared with your basic info and contact details as well as a brief write up of the duties that you take up and the rates you are going to charge. Showing a good attitude at the first meeting with parents is a must too.

When at the job,
prove that you are a responsible babysitter. Follow the rules the parents or guardians established. Carry along with you things that you believe the baby will enjoy (according to their age) activity books, blocks, animated films, etc. Telling stories may help to keep the kid entertained and out of mischief. Try to keep yourself cool even during the most difficult situations. Always take a set of emergency numbers from the parents to ensure that if there is an emergency, you know what to do.
And most importantly, don't look at it as a job that needs to be done with. Think of it as spending time with the child and you'll find it easier to connect and bond, which will get the kid to adore you and hence cooperate more.

Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds
will come by easily if you know where to look and the way to achieve. Good luck with your attempt to get a job this summer!!!

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Summer, school’s out, vacation’s in. Yet you, a thirteen year old junior high student do not want to waste your time being a potato couch, or maybe sleeping all day? Time for you to take a look at a number of summer jobs for 13 year olds, and see what you can do to make good use of your leisure time and earn some cash by yourself. Provided that you don’t mind working outdoor under the sun, yard work like lawn mowing is a great choice. Otherwise, you can try pet-sitting that is rather simple, or babysitting which requires many more skills.

Farm Work
As stated by the Department of Labor, teens as young as 13 are legally permitted to work in agricultural setting, only if the work takes place outside of school hours. Summer months are the best time since you don't need to attend school. If you want to work on the farm, written parental consent is essential. Workers on farms might grow crops, harvest them, and feed and look after animals. Some states restrict the number of hours teens can work, so check the local laws for specifics.

Yard work
If every house
in your neighborhood has a small garden, the chance to get a summer job is here so that you can grab at. Lawn mowing is a great job to explore. Be sure you determine if you'll use your home mower or the homeowner's mower, though. In addition to lawn mowing, children could also help out with other yard work that homeowners need. Various tasks could include raking leaves, spreading mulch, or planting flowers.

Pet Sitting
Among summer jobs for 13 year olds
listed above, this may be probably the most simple. Families take vacations in the summer, and oftentimes they need someone to watch their pets or farm animals. Teens can earn money by taking good care of these animals. The task might not be as fun as it sounds, but pet lovers may find it enjoyable. You will have to give pets fresh food and water, clean any messes they leave behind, play with the pets and maybe walk them too. Many pets require daily interaction.

Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds
Babysitting is a popular summer job
to do when school is out. Babysitters must monitor the children closely to ensure safety. A babysitting teen might prepare meals for children. Many children are willing to interact with their babysitters, therefore babysitters have to be friendly and open to elementary level games. The task is likely to be fairly demanding, as children need constant attention. Hence, it is suggested for highly responsible teens.

you may choose online jobs like survey-filling. You will receive money taking short anonymous surveys on such things as movies, magazines, TV and hundreds of other products and topics.Because the minimum age for non-agricultural work is fourteen, there are only a few summer jobs for thirteen year olds. It is, however, still highly possible for you to find a job, should you have enough determination.